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Edmond Storage

Edmond Storage

If you are moving, you may want to store some of your belongings until your new location is cleaned and fully ready. There may be large pieces of furniture that don't fit into your new home, but have sentimental value to you. These types of situations are exactly why Ready To Move offers a full range of storage solutions. From mini storage (self storage), to warehouse residential and commercial storage, we have the resources to safely house your belongings until you are ready for them. We also provide container storage for rent, so you can store your things right on your property and unpack at your leisure. This is a great option for those whose busy lifestyle means they can't fully unpack and furnish their new home immediately after moving in.

Self Storage

We offer some of the best prices and options for mini storage. If you need regular access to your belongings, then this is the best service for you. At Ready To Move ’s warehouse, you can choose the storage locker that is best suited to you at some of the most affordable and competitive prices in the industry. Our friendly and informative staff can assist you in choosing the right size and type of unit if you are unsure of your needs. Our facilities are clean, well-organized and fully secure so you can rest easy knowing that all of your possessions are safe.

Residential Storage

Sometimes when you're moving you need to arrange temporary storage for your belongings. Whatever the reason - different closing dates, construction delays, or something else, Ready To Move has the moving and storage solutions you need. Upholstered furniture is protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap then stored on specially designed racks and all of your boxes remain packed and sealed to reduce risks. Our facilities are clean, secure and climate controlled to ensure nothing is damaged while you are waiting to occupy your new home. Our warehouses are regularly examined by our quality inspectors to ensure you get the best service possible.

Commercial Storage

We have your commercial storage needs covered with our climate-controlled storage space. Ready To Move has fully-secured warehouses that are ready to accommodate any size commercial storage. Whether we are storing your new office furniture before or after your move or receiving millions of tiny car parts, we have your storage solution waiting. All of our storage spaces are rented at some of the most competitive prices around, and are fully secured and quality assured. The safety of your commercial possessions is our utmost priority. We have both short term and long term options available to suit your needs. Ready To Move is your best bet for cost effective solutions tailored to your business.